Who We've Served


Over the years we've had the pleasure of working for a number of high-profile companies in both the B2B world and companies in the medical/pharmaceutical arena. 



Clarity is key when you’re working on subjects as complex as those we encounter. For years we’ve brought clarity to, and have enjoyed longer-than-average client/agency relationships, with great clients such as:

Adams Laboratories

Afton Chemical

A.H. Robins

Alliant Pharmaceuticals

AMF Bakery

AMF Bowling

AMF Playmaster/Billiards

AMF Sewn Products

Artcraft Management

Canine Assistants

Capital One

Carpenter Company

Dersé Exhibits

Dionis Skin Care

Dominion Resources Innovation Center

Ethyl Corporation


Filtrona Porous Technologies

G3-PLC Alliance

Genworth Financial


KapStone Paper Corporation

LandAmerica Corporation 

Lee Tennis

Luck Stone


Nano Drying Technologies/NDT

Nebula Exhibits

NewMarket Corporation

Onduline North America

Overnite Transportation

PlayMaster Billiards


Virginia Healthcare Foundation



Wilson West Livesay brings clarity to medical advertising, generating professional branded materials targeted to physicians and powerful results for specialty pharmaceutical and medical clients.  Here, you’ll find:

  • A high concentration of talent and experience

  • Small agency response

  • Big med ad agency quality and creativity

  • A low overhead environment


So our unique business model—coupled with the experience we’ve gained launching and re-launching products in countless therapeutic categories—gives smaller companies the opportunity to sell their products with the upscale look they deserve without the high costs of traditional medical ad agencies. Medical client relationships we’ve enjoyed include:


Acella Pharmaceuticals

Adams Laboratories

A. H. Robins/A. H. Robins of Canada

Alliant Pharmaceuticals

Avondale Pharmaceuticals


Brookstone Pharmaceuticals

Core Therapeutics/Cetagen

Eastbound Synopharma

Hemodyne, Inc.

ImmunoTox, Inc.

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America

ProEthic Pharmaceuticals

Socius Rx


Topix Pharmaceuticals

Virginia Biotechnology Association

Virginia Biotechnology Research Park

Virginia Biosciences Development Center

Virginia Healthcare Foundation

Whitby Pharmaceuticals

Wyeth-Ayerst International

Xenolith Medical