We're primarily a B2B ad agency, so most of our video programs are produced with trade shows, the internet (YouTube, social media, website content) and corporate events in mind.  We treat them with the mindset that they are valuable information presented as entertainment. Though long-form videos are not as short as a 30-second TV commercial they still need to grab the viewer's attention in order to inform them. So being visually interesting throughout the program is important. 

NewMarket Corporation History


This program gives a brief history of the company presented as a 3D virtual tour through an art museum. 



Diesel fuel filterability is maximized and fuel plugging is minimized with GreenClean Detergent Technology. This video explains why.

Afton Industrial Lubricants


Machinery keeps working hard in a number of industries with Afton Chemical's lubricants.

HiTEC 6590 Fuel Additive


This explanation of direct injection gasoline engines demonstrates how HiTEC 6590 keeps them clean in harsh engine environments.

Onduvilla 30 Sec TV

This TV spot for a unique roofing product helped introduce Onduline North America to a U.S. audience in select regions of the country.