Acella Pharmaceuticals:
NP Thyroid Campaign


Wilson West Livesay's re-launch program for a medical thyroid medication has an ethical side for professionals and a patient-oriented side. The professional side is geared towards education on the benefits of a natural product compared to a synthetic medication. The patient program aims to educate patients about the disease state and how the thyroid functions. 

There are two main visuals for the two sides of the program: for doctors and pharmacists, a medical-themed image that utilizes the stylized thyroid shape (featured in the logo) instead of an actual thyroid image. This was designed to establish an association between the product logo and the condition.

A visual of a patient seeking to bring balance to her thyroid health was used for the patient education side of the program. We created all the collateral from sales aids, direct mail, pharmacy sell sheets, and sample boxes to patient education pieces, stickers and pharmaceutical trade show banners. 

The re-launch program was very successful, doubling sales for the product year-over-year.