There's an excitement to receiving a dimensional piece in the mail or holding an attractive consumer package. They literally bring life to your product marketing. A dimensional device can add new interest to your sales presentation. A 3D direct mail piece can present your customer with small gift or sample of your product while conveying important product information. These structural units surprise clients with sound, light, pleasant scents and intriguing paper mechanics. They are sometimes the first point of promotion in a retail store environment. And if done well, they can command your customer's immediate attention and increase sales. 

Sunoco Direct Mail


We wanted to send a pound of Starbucks coffee to garage owners to remind them of the hi-test nature of Sunoco’s gasoline. Purchasing 500 one-pound bags of coffee proved to be more difficult than we had expected. It seems some unsavory folks are known to use coffee to mask the smell of the “special” goods they ship. So our request to buy in that quantity prompted a call from a stellar selection of government agencies. No worries…the campaign went off without a hitch after we explained the situation.

Truly Organic Pizza Box


Many of the packages we design never see the light of day except as examples of the paper used to create them. We did a lot of this type of work for MWV/WestRock to show off the capabilities of their specialty papers. 

Greenburn Technology Direct Mail


Afton Chemical makes additives that help companies in the power sector save money and reduce emissions as they generate electricity.  This clever box not only lit up when pressed to reveal the Afton logo in the lightbulb, it also gave a short, direct audio message when opened. The unique design helped us develop many special features for direct mail programs that guarantee the message gets delivered.

Bull Whip Bowling Ball Box


We enjoy designing packages. Since much of our work is in the B2B sector, packaging allows us to do creative for a more consumer marketplace.


Bull Illustration: Keith Lewis

PediaTan/ProHist Sample Boxes


A physician’s sample closet can be a competitive nightmare for a doctor trying to decide what medicine to give a patient to try. That’s why we need to do everything we can to make samples attractive and noticeable among all the clutter on the shelf. These two pediatric products got plenty of attention and helped push sales of the products upward. 


Kid Photography: Ron Samardge

Bear Illustration/Photography: Sally Vitsky/Jon Hood

NewMarket Anniversary Whale


For the company's 125th anniversary, we produced whale thumb drives as a promotional tool. These items were very well received by celebrants as a keepsake of a momentous milestone in the company’s history.

Theo-24 Pinball Mailer


We explained the 24-hour mechanism of action of this anti-asthma medicine by showing the “ProBeads” being distributed in the GI system over time. We gave recipients a small pinball game for their desktops as a reminder of the product.

Onduvilla Sample Board

and Slipcase


Architects depend on samples to remind them of innovative products and to help them specify correctly. We designed these sample boards to leave with professional market specialists which had small product samples attached. We also developed a special sample carrier case with a brochure holder for the sales team to use when discussing the product.